Friday, April 19, 2013

OCD: (False) Doubt

I decided to write a short blog post because, this morning, my friend posted a question and part of it was asking whether or not you let fear and (false) guilt control you and things you do.

Well, for some people with OCD, the answer is probably a resounding, "YES".

But, the part that stood out to me was her using (false) in front of a couple of words. It makes sense to me. I've learned and written about the fact that the doubt associated with obsessive thoughts in OCD is based on lies and comes from satan. So, when you're feeling stuck in one of those "OCD moments", you could try to remember to put the (false) in front of your doubt to remind yourself of what the doubt is: a lie.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I work in the health field. I am not an expert in anything faith-related, nor do I work in a faith-related area. The things I write are things I've learned and/or things I believe. I learned them from sermons, Bible teacher(s), Bible study, life, and/or etc. I take things I've learned and see how I believe they could be applied to OCD based on my experiences, etc. with OCD. I am not saying to use any of the things on this blog as treatment. Maybe you'll find some things in my blog posts to help you on top of whatever treatment method(s) you have chosen/choose to use or not use for your OCD, but you do so at your own risk. I am not responsible for any of your choices, actions, decisions. I am not responsible for any of your results, nor your lack of results. I have read something similar or the same as this in the past from a Bible teacher: If anything I ever write doesn't line up with God's Word, please throw it out.

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